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We do things a little different here at ACS Log Build. We have no DEALERS, so you as a homeowner or a builder/contractor get the very best price we can give you, all ways! We do very little advertising, help your bottom-line price and allowing us to invest more in the craftsmanship of your house or building.

Craig Stewart, owner of ACS Log Build has been a Licensed General Contractor and Builder for 25 years. This includes erecting quality residential and commercial projects all of the United States.

We can mill logs up to 70 feet long. We can also provide milled logs with a minimum diameter of 6 inches and ranging up to the massive 20-inch diameter selection. Every profile is available from "D" log to Swedish Coped logs and all profiles of siding. Many creative options are available including handcrafted log staircases, trusses and full log gable ends. Distinctive archways, dormers, and full log porch support. We have a full line of Timber Frame products at any size you may need. We also offer Pines and Douglas Fir and now Cedar. (TPI grading is standard for our client's peace of mind.

ACS Logs is located in Overland Park, Ks. We have been in business since 1981, building residential and commercial projects in the Midwest, Western, United States, In 2001, ACS Log Build expanded into the commercial log industry by building very well known large log structures all across the United States.